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Meet the twins behind Mary & Marie

Mary and Marie are identical twins born only six minutes apart. Their roots travel back to a small mid-western town in South Dakota where they grew up with one older sister and the best parents they could wish for. Mary and Marie were not only twins, but were also best friends. Time together only made them closer. As they grew up, they had the same friends, were in the same classes and activities, moved to the same city after college, and had the same love for fashion. Growing up in the 80’s gave them plenty of opportunity to showcase that passion too.

Mary and Marie went to college and each graduated with a Business Management degree. Their dream was to own a fashion boutique. However, they both married and started an entirely new journey in what they call the greatest blessings of their lives as they began to have children. They gladly put their dream on hold to raise their families. As their children grew up and began to pursue their own dreams, Mary and Marie decided to finally pursue theirs. They often say, "without our spouses’ supportive spirits and encouraging love, we could have never gotten started." Between them, they have seven daughters and two sons. Their children have grown up together and are like siblings to one another. Each daughter also loves fashion and has contributed greatly in helping their wonderful mommas out. Among many things, they are the models, the social media experts, the photographers, and part of the buying team. Mary and Marie say, "their involvement is invaluable."

Above all, Mary and Marie put their relationship with Christ at the center of their lives and are driven to help other women experience fullness through Him. It is their goal to encourage women to find their identify in Christ and, through Him, be the beautiful, unique, and worthy women He created them to be. They desire their clothing to embody boho chic and contemporary style, all the while maintaining modesty and class. They hope that their clothing will appeal to women of all ages.

Mary and Marie give all glory to God. By His grace and mercy, along with the support of their families, they are living out their life-long dream.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and My Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14


Our Family

Chuck and Mary have been married for 29 years and live on an acreage where they raised their four children: Kaylee, Liz, Nick, and Lexi. Kaylee is an RN working towards her Doctor of Nursing Practice. Liz is a stay-at-home mom and is married to Michael who is a commodity broker and farmer. They have one son, Maverick. Nick is pursuing further education in hopes to go to medical school. He is married to Rylee, who is a registered nurse. Lexi is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. 


Bret and Marie have been married for 31 years and live on an acreage where they raised their five children: Angela, Sarah, Ellie, Hannah, and Joshua.  Angela is a legislative correspondent. Sarah is a third-grade teacher and photographer and is married to Brandon who is an insurance agent and accountant.  They have one son, Graham. Ellie is a stay-at-home mom and website builder and is married to Alex who is a registered nurse.  They have two daughters, Everly and Oaklee. Hannah is pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Teaching, is a photographer, and creates and builds websites. Joshua is in high school and is involved in many various activities.  


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